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How To Send Airtime From Airtel To airtel

 How To Send Airtime From Airtel To airtel or Airtel to MTN has been a question everyone has been asking themselves for a long time now. this is not because of anything but we know that some codes for transferring airtime to same network or another network is sometimes easily forgotten due to the fact that some customers do use more than one sim card and they are all from different network.

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So if you have been up looking for how you can send airtel airtime to another airtel number, then this guide is for you.

How To Send Airtime From Airtel To Airtel In 2021

  1. Open your phone dial app and dial *432#
  2. Select 1 ie: Airtel to Airtel
  3. Input The Airtel number you wish to transfer to.
  4. Put The amount You transferring 
  5. Enter Your Pin For Confirmation
  6. Then confirm the transaction .
This is the easiest and the new method of transferring from airtel to airtel
Now let's take a look at some case the person you wish to transfer airtime to is not an airtel user.
Maybe Mtn. Glo Etisalat or 9mobile etc.

How To Transfer Data From Airtel To Airtel

  1. Dial *141# 
  2. Select Me2U
  3. Input the recipients number
  4. Add amount of data you wish to transfer
  5. then confirm the transfer
I have to also let you know that airtel won't allow you to transfer upto 1 Gig data if you are to use the above method.

How To Transfer 1 Gig Data On Airtel

Transferring Airtel Data from airtel to airtel is known as Me2U, this has been in existence for people who wants to share data to their family and friends or their second airtel line.
To transfer airtel Data Up to 1 Gig, all you have to do is 
  1. Dial *141#
  2. Select Data gifting
  3. Select the plan you want, daily, weekly or monthly
  4. Enter The Receivers Number
  5. Input Your Pin and confirm transfer

How to transfer airtime on Airtel to MTN Code

  1. Dial  *432# On your Airtel sim.
  2. Select Recipient's number.
  3. Add amount you wish to transfer.
  4. Put your pin.
  5. Confirm transfer by selecting ok.

I believe that you must have gotten the complete guide on how you can transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel number or send Airtel from Airtel to other networks.
Drop a comment if there is any confusion and we will be fast to reply

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