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Top 10 Sauti Sol Songs Download Mp3 2020

Check out all the top 10 songs by Sauti Sol 2020. The popular  Sauti Sol album consist of 6 songs only which we are going to give you full length today.
You can equally download the songs.
Top 10 Sauti Sol Songs

If the band had to sum up their sound in three words, they mention: “Soul, style, and attitude.” All three can be felt in the Sauti Sol’s latest album, Live and Die in Afrika, which has climbed the Kenyan charts and gotten wide global attention with the help of some massive singles, a Barack Obama endorsement, and its share of controversy.

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Sauti Sol recently made a comprehensive tour of Kenya, playing a full production of six big cities.

The group is now set to bring their show to New York City for a live show at the Highline Ballroom this month, on October 30. Find out the rest of their American tour dates to secure your tickets here.

Top 10 Sauti Sol Songs

  1. Sura Yako
  2. Blue Uniform
  3. Nishike
  4. Soma Kijana
  5. Coming Home
  6. Shake Yo Bam Bam
  7. Kamasutra
  8. Afrikan Star 
  9. Nerea
  10. Lazizi
So In Conclusion i think that sauti sol songs are many, but we have just taken time to compile the best sauti sol songs.

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