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How To Bet On Football

How To Bet On Football is a question all beginners in betting must ask themselves. 

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This is a beginners guide to football betting, written by a beginner!
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You might not know this about me, but whilst Ian is a football betting expert with a long history of placing football bets,
 I am not! I know the web and how to make things on it, but I don’t know a lot about football.
I do love this site though, so I wanted to learn more about football betting so that I can better contribute to the conversations on it.
 I have been researching things for some time and thought I would write them up as a guide to football betting.
You might wonder why I didn’t ask Ian to write this guide, him being the expert, the truth is I thought it would be better coming from someone picking up the ropes.
 Ian knows so much he might assume you know something you don’t, I don’t know anything so that can’t happen!

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Generally accepted good tips

A guide to football betting wouldn’t be complete without sharing some good tips! Here are some generally accepted good tips that I have gleaned from my research and also from interviewing football tipsters!

Don’t bet with your heart, bet with your head

This means don’t bet because you want a team to win, bet because you think they will win!
Likewise don’t bet against teams you don’t like just because you don’t like them, bet against them because you think they are going to lose.

Try not to get greedy

There are two things I have caught myself doing related to being greedy, the first is adding extra teams into an accumulator just because it will bump up my maximum payout. This is almost always a terrible idea!
The second thing I have done is bet more money on a team than I initially was going to. You should have a plan for how much you are going to bet and stick to it.

Have patience

You are not going to win every bet, if you want to become successful at betting on football you need to be patient and pick the right bets for you.

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