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Police Ranks In Nigeria And Salary 2019

Police Ranks In Nigeria And Salary 2019

Police ranks in nigeria is a growing question that everyone who wants to get into police academy may want to know or it can be research too for academic purpose.

 But before we jump to police ranks and their salary i just think we should look back at the begining and origin of police.

History of the Nigerian Police.

Nigeria Police Force is an extremely old association that was established in 1820. The main individual to have the most elevated position in all the police is official general colonel KK. 

After its foundation, an outfitted paramilitary Hausa Constabulary having 1,200 individuals was shaped in 1879. This was trailed by formation of the Lagos Police In 1896. 

At long last In the 1960s, these powers were first regionalised and afterward nationalized under the First Republic as the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). 

The NPF completed customary police work and was in charge of inside security by and large; and to help the jail, movement, and traditions administrations; and for performing military obligations inside or outside Nigeria as coordinated. 

Plans were made to grow the power to 200,000 in mid-1980. By 1983, the quality of the NPF was just about 152,000 as per the government spending plan, yet different sources said it was somewhere in the range of 20,000 and 80,000 and According to different reports, there were in excess of 1,300 police stations in the nation. 

Despite the fact that Police officials were not typically outfitted around then, they were issued weapons when required for explicit missions or conditions. 

Sending was regularly done all through the nation however Babangida reported in 1989 that a bigger number of officials would be presented on their local regions to encourage police-network relations.

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Police Ranks In Nigeria And Salary 2019

New Police Ranks In Nigeria And Salary

1. Police Recruit

The police recruit is someone who is intending to be a police and is currently under training in the police force.

A police recruit monthly salary is between N9,000 - N10,000
 The annual salary is approximately N108,000 .

2. A Police Constable

This is like the starter or the begining stage in policing, he has the lowest rank in the nigerian police force.
 This person earns between N43,000 monthly and N513,000 annualy.
 We are trying to give you the police ranks in order

3. Police Constable Grade 10
  The monthly salary of police constable grade 10 is N51,000 and annual salary of N613,000.

4.Police Corporal On Grade 04(1)
   this police ran in nigerian is a kind of low, thats what we call CPL in nigerian police.
they earn N44,000 monthly and N536,000 yearly.

5.Police Corporal On Grade 04(10)
Monthly Salary-N51,113.59

Annual Salary -N613,365.08

6 A Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1)
A cadet Inspector is the lowest rank held by  a police officer after undergoing a training of service as a commissioned officer. It is commonly known as Inspector of Police (IP).
Monthly Salary – N73,231.51

Annual Salary – N878,778.12
7. Assisitant Supritendent OF Police
The Receive Between N127,000 - N144,000 and annual salary of N1.6M
8. Deputy Supritendent Of Police(DSP)
Monthly Salary -N170,399.69
Annual Salary -N2,044,796.28
9. Assistant Commissioner Of Police(ACP).
The Assistant Police Commissioner ranks sixth in the  rank of senior Nigerian police officers. It is above the Chief Superintendent and below that of the Deputy Commissioner.
Monthly Salary-N183,000

Annual Salary -N2.1M
10. The Inspector General Of Police
The rank of the Inspector General is the highest rank in Nigeria Police Force. The Inspector General is the most senior Officer and as well the head of the police force in Nigeria.
Monthly Salary -N711,498
Annual Salary -N8,537,976
 Police ranks In Nigeria Differs and so does their salary, this is not the full list, we just compile this one since we dont want to make it bulky, just want to rank police in order.

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