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How to register for Blog9ja and join -simple steps for registration and make money Blog9ja income program.

I will be writing on how to Register for blog9ja and how it works. After writing about nnu income program and registration procedures, Many of this blog readers has been disturbing me to know how and tips for blog9ja income program. Writing is what I do, is my work, hobby and I have decided to drop for you guys another tips today.
Please this tip is for people who are ready to earn freely online just by visiting site and commenting.

  But, hey! Before we start today, I know you might be searching for words and things like :

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   Just continue reading down, this article will be feeding you with all the information you need to know about this earning website.

      What is Blog9ja income program Review.

  Blog9ja review is not just  something someone can wake up one morning and start writing .
You must have been with them, register with them and knows how to make money on blog9ja.

 Meanwhile this program is set up with the sole aim of helping Nigerians to earn more money and stands as a source of income for people who don't have any job.

  See, this is the real online money making scheme, you don't have to spend all your 24hours before you earn on this program.

   This earning website is a new earning platform which helps you to earn money online, just by reading news, commenting on Post, sharing posts on Facebook.
  you see that you don't have to stress yourself before earn. You can even do it on your leisure or free time and earn enough money.  I know you might be thinking now is blog9ja legit?

       How does Blog9ja works.

Let me just give a full explanation of how this program works.
  I told you earlier that you are paid when you comment, read posts, share posts to Facebook and invite your family and friends to join.
 So here are the amount paid on blog9ja for each task you perform:

(1) You are paid N100 once you register for blog9ja.

(2) You will earn N50 each day you login.

(3) N100 will also be giving to you every week for joining through someone's link.

(4). See this one, you are giving free N1 when someone clicks on your referral link.

(5). N5 for each comment you drop on a post

(6). Once you share a sponsored on your timeline, free N100 is credited to your account.

  But wait o, I haven't tell tell you how much you need to register for this program. Don't worry continue reading.

Do you know that you can make 20k monthly on this platform and even 5k every week.

 Let's do the calculation.
If you can drop 500 comments from Monday to Friday every week, that 2500 naira. Now sponsored post for one week is 500 and that's whopping 3000naira. Now for login in is N250 + 500 for joining through someone's link, then you can try add a little spice just by registering one person each week and the withdraw your money.

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   How much is blog9ja registration.

You must have been waiting for this for a long time now. You won't believe that it is small money you need for registration.
You can join blog9ja for just 1,400 naira. Calm down first, the amount is little right.
Yea! This is because the main aim of this earning platform is to make people rich while they press their phone.

You won't have to pay another money after you have paid for your registration fee.

 I think at this point I have to tell you that they are two types of members in blog9ja.

  You have to register and join blog9ja with 1,400 to be able to earn and withdraw from this program. But if you just register without paying, you won't be able to earn as you are regarded as only a guest. The people who register  and pay the upgrading fee are know as premium members.

    Steps To Register For Blog9ja.

Once you have your money on hand to register for blog9ja, the first thing to do is to:
How to register for Blog9ja

(I). Click here to register.

(II). Login to you account.

(III). Once you login, the real account number shows there, pay the sum of 1,400 to the account either through bank transfer, ATM transfer, or you can easily use online payment method.

(IV).  Click on upgrade, you will find an upload button, click on the upload button and upload your screenshot or proof of payment and your account will be moved to premium membership.

  If you want to know if your account has been upgraded, check your dashboard, the dashboard will start showing complete management office.

       Blog9ja Rewards for referral.

(1).  If you can refer up to 50 new sign ups with your referral link, you will be rewarded with a new blog9ja T shirt with printing added to a cash price of 2,500.

(2). When you have 250 referrals, you are rewarded with a brand new Android phone.

(3). If you get 500 new sign ups, you are given a brand new H.P mini laptop.

(4). You are given a cash price of 150, 000 when you have 1000 new down lines.
   Even a blind man can see that this program is for people who wants to be rich smoothly and easily on Nigeria.
 But please check all this out: 

NOTE:  When you join blog9ja  without a referral link, you won't be getting free N100 every week, check here to register with referral link and get your money.

Can I register more than one account on blog9ja.

Please you can't register more than one one account, this is a strict rule by the program owners and this is to prevent problems relating to payment.
 Apart from that, please note that you can't comment on one post twice, even if you do so, you won't be paid for the second comment.

    Here are testimonies of Blog9ja.

Blog9ja income program

You too can give  a testimonies if you create 

How To Withdraw From Blog9ja Income.

To withdraw isn't hard once you have reach the final destination or crossed the payment threshold which is #4000.
 All you have to do is to click on withdraw option on your dashboard.
Fill your correct bank details and wait for your alert.

When I heard of this income program, I asked if it was legit or scam.
For you to be a participant of this program. Here are things you will be needing.

30 minutes of your time everyday.

You can drop your WhatsApp number so that I can add you to Blog9ja WhatsApp group and help you to register.

Create your website easily here.

 I can bodly tell you today that am happy with them.
You can click here to register and join blog9ja income program and be happy like me. You will be paid weekly and there is no wasting of time in payment.

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