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Codes to subscribe for airtel data plan [Easily]

Codes for airtel data subscription

Lets do a little bit of showing you codes to subscribe airtel night.
Despite how your gadget expends data, you will discover the airtel data plan that will provide food for your web needs in the distinctive records accumulated underneath.

Meanwhile, aside from purchasing Airtel data plans, there are numerous Airtel plans that offer free MB, how about we center around the accessible data plans until further notice as we have officially dealt with that angle in an alternate post.



The Free Surf Plan gives you decreased perusing rate on a Pay as you Go level. This arrangement can likewise offer you up to 160 MB for FREE when you utilize around 160MB. The charges rate on this arrangement begins from 1Kobo/Kilobyte.
See full list of airtel data plan
List of airtel data plans and subscription codes.

To buy in to the FREE SURF plan, dial *400#

2. Daily  PLANS

The day by day plans incorporate the 20MB for NGN 50 (*141*50#), 75MB for NGN 100(*141*100#), 200MB for 200 Naira (*141*200#), 300MB for 300 Naira (*141*300#), 750MB for 500Naira (*141*500#).

20 MB for NGN 50 Plan

This 20 MB day by day plan has a legitimacy time of 24 hours. The membership code is *141*50#.

There is a way Airtel repays first-time supporters. You will discover in the Airtel triple surf offer area of this post.

75MB for NGN 100 Plan

This arrangement has a legitimacy time of 24 Hours. It is perfect for individuals that are not substantial clients or most likely you simply need much data for less.

To buy in to this arrangement, dial *141*100#.

5-STAR Pack for NGN 100 

The 5-Star Pack offers next to no data with a more drawn out legitimacy period. This arrangement gives you 5MB consistently for 5 days. It is unquestionably NOT reasonable for cell phone clients; those gadgets devour a ton of data. Java or Symbian telephones clients can at present locate this helpful.

To buy in to 5-Star Pack, dial *401#.

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3. Airtel weekly plan 

The Weekly plans offer under 30 days legitimacy. The rundown of Airtel data plans that fall in this class are as per the following;

Week after week - 300MB for NGN 300

This arrangement gives you 300 MB of data which will lapse following a time of 7 days. The arrangement costs NGN 300. It is usable on any gadget. So all here are the codes to subscribe airtel data plans.

To buy in to this arrangement, dial *417#.

Simple Plan - 750 MB for NGN 500

This arrangement gives you 750 MB for 14 days and it costs NGN 500. The arrangement is usable on any gadget.

To buy in to the Easy arrangement dial *141*500#.

The 2G Pack

As indicated by Airtel, the 2G Pack offers boundless data benefit over a 2G organize. The data Pack enables you to buy in with NGN 200 or NGN 500. See the highlights of the two memberships beneath;

- Unlimited 200 costs NGN 200 over a 10-day legitimacy period. The measure of data is "Boundless" however be rest guaranteed that the administer of reasonable use unquestionably applies. To buy in to this arrangement, dial *482*1#.

- Unlimited 500 costs NGN 500, the data limit is "Boundless" with a legitimacy time of 25 days. To buy in to this arrangement, dial *482*2#.


The Airtel Android packs offer 1.5GB for N1000, 3.5GB for N2000, 5GB for N2500, 7GB for N3500 and 9GB for N4000. The highlights of this arrangement and their particular membership codes have just been talked about in one of my past posts, look at it here > Subscription Codes for the Airtel Android packs.


This arrangement encourages you to remain associated on your most loved applications, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Opera, WhatsApp, 2go et cetera. The arrangement offers 250 MB data for only N300 with a legitimacy time of 25 days.

This arrangement will be helpful for individuals that appreciate visiting and mingling throughout the day and most particularly, individuals that pick Opera smaller than usual as their primary program.

Nonetheless, not all the web subordinate applications on your telephone will work with this arrangement.

To buy in to this arrangement, dial *885*1#.


I comprehend what you are considering, yet lamentably, the arrangement is just boundless by name.

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The week after week form of this arrangement isn't qualified to be incorporated on this rundown since it is simply excessively costly looked at, making it impossible to the week by week plan we have talked about before however the day by day plan is OK, see the points of interest underneath;

The day by day plan gives you 40 MB for a time of 24 hours and it is usable on all gadgets including Blackberry. It costs 100 Naira, to buy in, dial *440*18#.


The Monthly data plans on the Airtel arrange are as take after;

10GB for N5000

This data plan offers you 10 GB data at N5000 for a time of 30 days and it is usable on all gadgets.

To buy in to this data plan, dial *452#.

16GB for N8000

This data plan gives you 16 GB data at N8000 for a time of 30 days. It is likewise usable on all gadgets. To buy in to this arrangement, dial *460#.

22GB for N10,000

Uber 10 plan gives you 22GB data at N10,000 for a time of 30 days. To buy in to this arrangement, dial *462#.

30 GB for N15,000

This arrangement offers 30 GB for N5,000 for a time of 60 days. The arrangement can likewise be utilized on any gadget. To buy in, dial *463#.

50 GB for N36,000

The Mega 36 plan offers 50 GB data for 180 days and it costs N36,000. To buy in to this arrangement, dial *406#.

100GB for N70,000

The MEGA 70 plan gives you 100GB data for N70,000 with a legitimacy time of 1 year (365 days). To buy in to this arrangement, dial *407#.

200GB for 136,000

This arrangement offers 200GB data for N136,000 with a legitimacy time of 365 days. The data is usable on all gadgets, you can buy in to the arrangement by dialing *408#.

I believe that you should also have the knowledge of how To check your Airtel data balance, dial *141*11*0# or *140#.

  I believe by now you can select any plan you want using airtel codes for data plans.

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