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Top 16 Biography of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria

 We will be giving you the full biography of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
Here are top 13 successful business entrepreneurs in Nigeria and their business.
I know you might be probed to ask of these are the richest in Nigeria, they are not but we choose them because we know their source of wealth.

  Entrepreneur according to English dictionary is said to be a person who organizes and operates a business venture and assumes much of this the associated risk or a person who thrives for success and takes on risk by starting his own venture service.
They are many Nigerian entrepreneurs under that age of 30, but it is only few are successful and known. This is because this is not a child's play.
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    OK! Enough of all these jingles, let's go straight to the point.

     Biography of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria and their business.

1. Chief Moshood Kashimawo  Okwale Abiola popularly know as M.K.O Abiola.
Abiola was born on 24 August 1937 and he died on the 7th day of July 1998 at 60 years.
He was a business tycoon, a strong politician and a philanthropist.
He is celebrated on 12 of july ,every year.

 2.  Mike Adenuga: Michael Adeniyi Ishola Adenuga was born on 29 April 1953. He is a businessman and the second richest person in Nigeria. He is the owner of Globacom and the chairman of conoil.
Mike Adenuga net work was estimated  on 2017 to be $5.8 billion and that makes him the second richest in Nigeria.

3.   Taiwo Afolabi: Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi was born April 29, 1962 and he is from ondo state. 
He is a businessman and at same time a lawyer. Afolabi was once a student of university of Lagos. 
He is the founder and chief executive officer (C.E.O) of SIFAX GROUP OIL COMPANY.
Afolabi net worth has not been exposed fully but we know he is a successful entrepreneurs internationally.
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 4. Folorunso Alakija: Alaikija, a Nigerian billionaire, is one of the successful female entrepreneurs in Nigeria. She was born on July 15, 1951. She is also one of the richest black woman in the world.
This woman has been involved in several business with top people link oil, printing and fashion industries. She is currently the richest woman in Nigeria and the managing director of  ROSE OF SHAWN GROUP.
Folorunso Alakija net Worth is estimated by Forbes to be $2.1billion.
5. Demola Ben Aladekomo: Aladekomo was born December 31. He is an entrepreneur, technology geek, philanthropist and the chairman of smart city card center. Through the line of his philanthropy ambition, he set up data foundation and volunteer corps to help the less privelleged and the poor masses.

6. Alhaji Ganiyu Akanbi Bello: He was a renowned Yoruba businessman born on the 10th day of July and died June 5 2014. He hails do from  Ondo state. He was the owner of the first filling station in Nigeria.
Akanbi is the chief executive officer of CRISS CROSS OIL AND CRISS CROSS HOTEL. 

7. Omu Okwei : Omu was born on 1872 and died 1943. She is technically a princess because her father  was a prince. She later became the queen of osomari and was elected queen of malist.
She was a business woman who sells lamps, clothes, and what have you to survive. She died in 1945 in Onitsha.

 8. Mathias Ugochukwu: Mathias was an Igbo businessman and a successful man. He was born in 1926 and hails from anambra state. He died on 1990. He was the first chairman of Nigeria industrial development bank.

  9. Bamanga Tukur: Tukur was one of renowned successful Nigerian entrepreneurs. He was born on 15 September 1935. He is also a Nigerian businessman and a politician. In 2012, he was made the chairman of the African business Round Table.
 10. Stella Chinyelu Okoli: Stella is not just a successful business owner like that. But a successful woman entrepreneur in Nigeria. Can you imagine that she is the current C.E.O and founder  of Emzor pharmaceutical company, a brand name in Nigeria with the responsibility of making drugs.
Stella was born in 1944, a pharmacist and an entrepreneur. She studied pharmacy at the university of Bradford. She is also a philanthropist.

11.  Adeola Odutola:- Adetola Timothy was a businessman from Ogun state. He was an entrepreneur and the first president of manufacturers association of Nigeria.
This man stopped his education in secondary school in ijebu ode grammar school. He is the C.E.O of damasic stores and fish stalls.
13.  Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu-: Louis was a successful business tycoon. Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu was the first millionaire on Nigeria. Louis was one of the successful entrepreneurs at his time.
He was the founder of Nigeria stock exchange and the C.E.O of ojukwu textiles. He invested much in real estate and a member of the board of Nigerian coal corporation,shell oil and African continental bank.

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14. Jason Njoku: Jason chukwuma Njoku is from mbaise in IMO state Nigeria. He was born on 21 December 1980. Jason Njoku is the brain behind iroko TV and a Nigerian entrepreneur.
Now iroko TV is worth million dollars . it was established with the help of his friend , Hotter. He is happily marries  yo Nollywood star , Remmy Njoku with two kids.

15. Chief Dele momodu: chief Dele Momodu, Is Nigerian publisher , a businessman and a philanthropist. He was born on 16 may 1960.
He is currently the C.E.O of Ovation Magazine and Ovation TV.
Dele Momodu.
Source; Wikipedia.

He is a well respected entrepreneur on Nigeria. A journalist who had a degree in Yoruba and English from Obafemi Awolowo University.

 16. Linda Ifeoma Ikeji: Linda ikeji  is a Nigerian blogger and an entrepreneur. Linda ikeji was born on September 19, 1980. 

She is beat known for her blog. She is from Nkwere , IMO state. She is also the C.E.O of Linda ikeji TV and owner of radio station.
Linda ikeji is among the Nigerian woman entrepreneur.

In conclusion, the list we have here are not the only successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria, this ones are the people we know what they really do and their source of income, their business and they are known internationally.

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