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Npower teacher application form - registration guide and steps to apply npower

   Npower Teacher application for 2018 and registration guide.

npower teacher application form is not yet open for 2018.
But trust me in this next few minutes of thetime you will spend here, you will be able to know all necessary and basic details about npower registration, login and how to apply for npower federal government programme.
npower teach application form

Here are some of the questions that this post will be answering:

Npower teacher application form

Npower teach 2016

Npower recruitment 

Npower list

How to apply for npower teach

Npower registration

Npower portal


Meanwhile, let's take a firm look at the structure and origin of npower, its objectives and sponsors.

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   The npower programme is an empowerment scheme set up to assist unemployed youth in Nigeria. Initially this program was established for both graduates and non graduates but as from 2017 it was made only for Nigerian graduates.
The programme has many sub division depending on what you need.
   It is called the npower  volunteer corps, is for post tertiary graduates between the age of 18 years and 35. It only last for 2 years  after which you retire .
This npower volunteers are grouped into the following categories:

Npower  health programme
Npower agro
Npower vaids
Npower teach.


The volunteers of this programme will take the responsibility of taking preventive health care into the communities to common citizens.

 Only individuals with bachelor's degree, HND, OND in health related professions like medicine, biology, microbiology, nursing, biochemistry, public health, midwifery, botany.

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Course requirements: microbiology, nursing, biology, midwifery, health education, pharmacy tech.

Discipline Qualifications: JCHW, SCHEE, NABTEB, OND, HND, RN, RM, B.TECH, BSC

Duration of npower health programme.

2 years duration but volunteers will undergo training before deployment.


Just as the former, the npower agro volunteers provides agricultural advice to farmers all over the country. They go into the root of the state which is the village and help them with agricultural technical know how.

Eligibility Criteria:
Volunteers with their bachelors degree, HND, ond, in agricultural science, animal science, crop science, foods and nuts, nutrition, animal husbandry and other agro related courses.

The duration for this programme is 2 years and also volunteers has to undergo training before their deployment.

Steps on how to apply for npower agro form.

You can access the form by following the link below at


The VAIDS stands for voluntary asset and income declaration scheme. It is open to both graduates and non graduates .
This set of people is set with the aim of encouraging citizens to pay appropriate tax, up to 4,000 npower VAIDS volunteers will be heading this branch. They can be said to have the responsibility of answering online Queries, keeping records and tax promotion.

To be eligible for this programme, you must :
Be a graduate with bachelors or high national diploma

Must be between the age of 18 - 35 years.

Unemployed graduates or non graduates

Be a student of law, finance, social science, psychology.

Duration: this programme is not like npower teach application form  the duration is just for 9 months and you must have a knowledge of computer and good phone etiquette.

You can apply at


 The volunteers will help in teaching in the educational sector. They are deployed as trachers in schools in the country.
Their work is to assist present teachers in piloting the affairs of the school. People with knowledge of networking, programing and data base management are equally needed.

Graduates from all discipline with ond, and nce qualifications are qualified.

Duration: the duration  is 2 years and volunteers have to pass through training before they are deployed.
    npower teacher application form

Npower teach is open to all citizens with programming skills
Video editing
Database management
Graphics design.
If you have all these skills, then the npower teach application form can be filled by you.

You have to be eligible before application,  or filling the npower teach application form online ,here are the requirements you must have any of the certificates-: JCHEW, NABTEB, OND, HND, RN, RM, BACHELOR IN TECH AND BACHELOR IN SCIENCE.
 You must be a citizen of Nigeria.
You will need an identification card to prove you are a citizen.

  How To Apply For npower teacher application form 2018.

Once you have met up with all the criteria that makes you eligible, all you have to do is to head to npower teach recruitment portal at

  It should be noted that not all institutions that you attend that will make you eligible to apply for npower teach , for the npower teach programme in 2018 , you must have a certificate from any of the higher institutions:
College of education

   I don't know if it was the npower teacher application form 2018  that you are looking for, Don't worry because it is not yet out. Once the date is released, we will do well to inform you but that is only if you visit our site frequently or you can actually subscribe at the subscription button and be informed once the form is out.

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