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How to register on Nnu income program -Tricks To Earn Easily.

Let's talk about Nnu income program registration and how you can create account, you must have read about something like this in different websites , but today I will be giving you the full review, how to register, and tricks to make money fast and withdraw.
     I think I should let you know that this is not one of those ponzi schemes that requires you to bring someone before you are paid. I hated those days , in some cases when you can't invite someone to join with your affiliate link, your hard earned money just go like that.

  Meanwhile, it would also be kind of me if I inform you that nnu income opportunity isn't for lazy lads, yeah! You heard me right, you have to do little things apart from referring so you cab earn.

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The nnu income program is the legit and latest way to make money online in Nigeria now.
This legitimate online earning platform was introduced by Paul Samson.
NNU stand for Nigeria news update, this income opportunity allows you to earn up to 30,000 Naira monthly or 1000 naira daily just by reading news. 
 It was launched in mid 2017. Like I said earlier, if you are a member of this program, you have little things to do to ensure you earn daily. You just can't relax and earn. That will be blood money though! Lolz! 
Enough of long stories, let's get started, the next heading is how and tricks to earn money easily with income website.

How To Make  Money With Nnu Income Program.

Create your website here easily.

You might be pondering within yourself tricks and how to make money with

1. Nnu Referral Commission:(NRC)

Using the Nnu income opportunity, you earn 1000 naira for each person that register with your affiliate link.
Participants now invites their friends, families and school mates and earn up to 20,000 naira monthly. I think this program is one of the best thing you will do for that your friend that always ask you for money. Invite him or probably register him with your money , allow him to invite his friends and make his own money, trust me he will be forever grateful.

Sharing Sponsored Post:

Like I told you before that nnu pays you for sharing a post on Facebook. How this one works is that you are given a post to share on Facebook, once you do this, 100 naira is added to your nnu wallet.
Guys I think this is crazy, instead of posting all day on Facebook without receiving any dime, is better you join nnu income opportunity , post on your Facebook wall and get paid. This was why I said earlier that you have to do some little things if you are to get paid. Sharing the post on Facebook won't take anything from you , is a normal stuff that you use to do daily.
This is gold on platter

Note-: if you share any post that is not assigned to you, you won't be earning any dime. So all members are adviced to share only post assigned to them.

Daily Login Revenue- 

Unlike other sites, once you login to your nnu income login, your earn instant N50, wow , can you imagine website that pays you for login. Isn't it amazing guys? I know most of us that login and stays online from morning to night without receiving even a thank you message. Am happy that nnu income opportunity has come to stay.

Click Here to register for NNU 

Commenting Revenue:

Did I ever tell you that once you browse and read an article on NNu income program, that you earn total of N2.
I can't just imagine how much one can earn daily from this website , they have not been known much to people so I suggest you Register now before is too late.


Nnu Income Program Registration Guide- Tips Get Approved Immediately.

To register and get approved isn't that difficult as it seems before, bow your account will be approved immediately.

Step ii: you will be required to put your full names, your email address and phone number. There is a space for refferal ID or the name of person who refferd you, just put "NNI"

Step iii: the next thing is to make payment of 1,600 naira, if you want to pay with your ATM card, you choose paystack and put your card details or you can also use the coupon code method. All you have yo do is to buy the code from authorized sellers. 
The list of all authorized sellers are here below.
Step iv: once your payment has been received, your account will be activated instantly and boom! Your account is ready!
If you register for NNu income program today, there is no myth that you won't earn at least 2,000 naira daily.
Nnu registration and account activation used to be approved by days most times weeks but now your account is approved in a twinkle of any eyes.
Step v: the next thing is to click Here, to put in your bank details, account number, bank name and your bank name. Etc.


Check out the list of sellers who are authorized.
Please before you buy a coupon code, chat with the seller to know if is available.

Names                             Numbers
Babatunde Dada.           08122208387
Daniel Brown.                0906905178
David Ahaoma.               08167362160
Blazon Samuel.                09055334131
Paul Joseph.                       08069080289

Check the image below to see the full list of nnu coupon code sellers.

Testimonies and Reviews From Nnu Income Program.

Don't be talked away , this is not a ponzi scheme even though you don't invite someone, you are paid , you can make up to or more than money you used in your registration.
This program has paid millions of people fro. Last year till date and still pays.
Below are images of payment made by NNU income .
NNU income opportunity
NNU income program

Uchenna  okeoma; I have never seen a program like this, God bless owner of this program

Asogwu ikenna; am happy that I was introduced, I have earned more than my salary this month

Benson Ekom; I wish I knew about this program since! I just received 12,000 naira from nnu.

How to make a new post on nnu.

To make a post is very simple, since you are paid 100 naira each post you make on nnu, you can make total of 5 post in a day and you know what it worth.

Note: your post must be approved before people start commenting or you are paid.

Step1: Click on front page on the website.
Step2: scroll down and look closely below the post, you will see where it is written " create a new post"
Step 3: click on Create a new post, put your post tittle, and body of your post. It is expected that you put the source of the news at the end of the post .
Step 4: select the category of the post you want to make on nnu website, click on make a post , your post will be pending till approved by admin.

   If you want a fast and reliable way of making money online, then the answer is nnu income program, 

I think you should be here, or are you looking for coupon sellers of nnu, then you just made a right choice to register for nnu income program.

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