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Top 7 Causes Of Poverty And Solutions.

        According to Wiktionary, poverty refers to the state of being poor,want or scarcity of subsistence.
It can also be describe as a state of not been able to Carter for one basic needs for survival like foods, shelter, clothing and to maintain happy family.
Now what are the causes of poverty in Nigeria?
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What are the possible solutions.
It should be noted that when man lack all these in life, he tends to be unhappy and unstable.
  There is this saying that a hungry man is an angry man,that's true, people who has experience only a day hunger can relate to this.

Causes of poverty in Nigeria and solutions pdf

Clothing on its own has been part of life, this is something you need badly. You can't go to occasions naked unless you are insane. Most of the tines you might have cloth but not good clothes fit for an occasion.
So what is running through my mind are :

Causes of poverty in Nigeria.

Effects of poverty in Nigeria.

History of poverty in Nigeria solutions to 
poverty in Nigeria .

Effects of poverty in Nigeria PDF 

Why are the people of Nigeria poor

Poverty in Nigeria statistics.

How can we help to stop poverty.

   Most of them are caused by natural habits while some are brought upon us by our bad behaviours.

Top 9 causes of poverty in        Nigeria.

1.  Unemployment .

Joblessness of citizens has led to economic set back over the previous years. When individuals are not able to engage themselves in a paying job. There is underdevelopment and has been Nigerian major problem since 1960.

2. Lack Of Technical Know-how

The fact that most people do not have the required knowledge to lead this Nation to the promise land. Because of lack of knowledge most resources which would have taken us far if utilize today is not in use.
This has don't nothing than to land us in poverty.


Corruption is one of the stronghold of poverty in Nigeria today.
Money meant for infrastructural and human development are either diverted or embezzled by individual citizen.
Now people who are qualified that should be taken for job consideration for employment are not given job. The vacancies are diverted to people with money or the ones with so called long leg.

4. Laziness.

Nigerians no longer want to work. They are not nterested in what they can so to earn a living, they just want to get everything free.  I can remember in my neighborhood, guys who don't work, all they do is to come to beg for either salt or pepper though they know where I hustle to get my money. Is this what Nigeria really need?

5. Violence.

Wars and terrorism has degraded the Nigerian economy. We cry that we are poor ,the little ones we have are been destroyed by terrorist and wars. This lead us to drop down in movement, trade and even scare foreign investors away.

6. Over Population.

The available resources is less than the number of people in the country.
The resources cannot take care of the people. We know that each year,millions of people are given birth to but our economy doesn't grow like that.

7. Lack Of Education.

It is only when you go to school that you can be able to get high paying job at least to maintain livelihood, but most people are illiterate, this alone screens them out from being employed

      Solutions To Poverty In Nigeria.

1. Quality Education.

Education is one of the things that will make you presentable to the world, get a job, take care of yourself and escape poverty. Once you are employed, the eradication of poverty has just begun
Now at this point you should know that there is a difference between education and schooling. Education is not about getting or learning skills that can sustain you, skills that can solve the Masses problem.

2. Control Of Birth Rate.

The rate at which young ones are born should be controlled by government by given out a law.
The number of people born in a year is bigger that the wealth acquired by Nigeria in a year.

3. Aid From Government.

The government should set up a free skills acquisition centers to enable citizens to be able to learn skills that are in high demand.
After acquiring a skill, grants and loan should be made available to start up unless the skill will be useless without enough funds.
Apart from that, government should make fertilizers and seedlings available each farming season to  enable farmers boost their productivity,  if possible modern agricultural machines should be provided.

4. Development Of Infrastructure.

This is one of the ways to eradicate poverty. The availability of good roads and good infrastructure will attract foreign investors to Nigeria and convince them to invest and trust Nigeria with their companies.

5. Economic Diversification.

The available resources both human and capital resources should be utilize not only in one sector of the economy . Trying to involve in other sector of the sector not just oil.

It should be note that the causes of poverty in Nigeria is not a permanent issue, it is something that can be eradicated.

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