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Most people has been wondering if we don't have school management software in nigeria., hey don't worry , as usual we shall be analyzing all the functions, activities and mode of operation.
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Do we really need these softwares? Yes! this is new age and we just have to simplify everything rather than stressing ourselves. Let allow technology and programmers do the work.
  You won't be wrong if you start asking;

  • The cost of school management software in Nigeria.
  • School management portal software.
  • School erp in Nigeria.
  • School app in Nigeria.
  • Free school management software.
  • Secondary school management system.
  • School management software open source.

 However, the importance of this range from connecting individuals,several departments,management of school assets,boosting parents and teachers relationship., it makes rescheduling of activities easy, tracking of students data is fast and possible, fast grading and much More which can't be over emphasized.
Meanwhile, I think it should be put your notice that almost all universities and polytechnic in Nigeria uses them today.

   So let's hit it low!

School management software in Nigeria. Features and Websites.

School software pro.

  School software pro is one of the top top school softwares we are discussing today. It has the capability of managing from primary school up to tertiary institutions.
School software pro has up to 62 features which can be use for learning, writing and setting CBT exams. It has list of schools attached to it which is listed on their website at :

Here are some of the features that makes them functional.

Online registration.
Web examination feature.
Roll calling.
Dashboard for students and parents.
Keeps students records.
Group chat and video support chat.
News feature.

I can say that this is mobile friendly, since it makes usage on phones, tablets easy. It is just a grouping of software management system.
You can visit their website at

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  • Records management.
  • Smart fee manager
  • Automatic class merging.
  • Analyses students performances.


This powerful school management software is use in managing students records, reports, and assements. It informs parents of day to day activities of their Ward.


  1. Compatible with all operating system and devices
  2. Gives report of logs and academic performance.
  3. Keeps record of attendance.
  4. Presents reports in tables and chat formats.


Edalaf provides free school management software for one semester in it's system.
Notwithstanding the fact that it is suitable for all schools.
It has the following features.

  • Online library
  • Fee tracking
  • Tracks attendance
  • Manage students records,courses and other activities,access to online class. Etc


School shell is a school management in Nigeria which offers services for seminary, polytechnics etc. It has a mobile app which is downloadable from google play store.

Manages students data.
Online payment gateway.
Online result checking.
Biometric scanner for attendance tracking.
Live chat for students.


Bluebic school management software has been in Nigeria for years now. It acts as a bridge between students, staffs and parents.


Students wallet
Online fee payment gateway.
SMS ability
Homework tracking.
Presence of students and parents portal.

After reading this article, you can now be able to recognise the school management software in Nigeria.
But help yourself more , you can actually still visit their websites or call them for more enquires.
Don't allow information to hold you back. Start today and please share this post.

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