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Top 5 Problems of local government and solutions

Local government problems and solutions

The local government is the root of all the three tiers of government. The main reason for the creation of local government is to bring the federal government closer to the people .
We have up to 774 local government in Nigeria today, but there are many problems of local government in Nigeria. We will be discussing them today and their possible solutions. Through what we have gathered from people living in these local areas, their experience and observations.
It is a common thing to find different problems in the third tier of the government like ;

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Problems faced by local government

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Ways of solving local government problems.
10 problems of local government and their solutions


it should be noticed that 75% of the local government chairmen and councillors are not qualified or experience enough To take these seats.
Once they assume the seat, they dont communicate with the masses, they don't involve the people who are the main reason for the creation into activities. They spent most of their years showing off and living luxurious lives because nobody cares to ask about the affairs of the level.

corruption is at it's peak at the local level. I think this is due to the reason that there is lack of check and balances. Officers now swindle large amount of funds made for the development of the town and payment of the local government staffs.
Chairmen and councillors now collects money before employing citizens leading to employment of half baked citizens & graduates.

3. The Constitution.

 The local level been the third tier of the government has lost the concentration of the federal level. The sections 7 and section 8 of the constitution has made the state level superior than the local level, therefore state level  gives to the local level what is meant for beggers and in such crippling the local government growth. This has made the problems Of the local government to excel to the peak.
This has made other tiers of government interfering in the affairs of the local level.


    One of the problem is intergovernmental conflicts. Assuming that the local government stands on its own, it would do better than it is doing now. The state government now struggles with finance, composition and decisions of the the local government.


 the total amount of local government in Nigeria amounts to 774 making it over hyped for the federal government to take care  of all at the same time.
Revenues made for local government are now small after allocation Since they are much.


Independent of local government ; if local government stands on their own, without depending on state to take their major decisions or give funds to them before they can start their annual planning, local government will move to more higher levels than they are now.

Discipline at the local level: All forms of corruption,idleness, late coming and negligence should be discipline at the local level. Officers with no vision should be made to vacate and new and qualified ones employed.

Adequate finance - monetary problems shouldn't be seen or experienced at the local Level since it is the grassroot. State governments  should release funds meant for local governments immediately it enters to avoid delay in carrying out projects

Qualified and legitimate workforce - the workers at local levels should be flush to expel all idle and ghost workers. They are large amount of people not working, just come to office and sign attendance sheet and the next thing they are out for their business.

Even a blind man can see that if there is sanity at the local level that the problems of local government in Nigeria would be settled with the possible solutions.

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