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Top 13 List of countries offering visa lottery, full list.

We will be giving the full list of countries offering visa lottery. I think at this time you should know that this countries don't need your visa before you can enter them Though you will be required to have an international passport.

Now lets check out these:

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List of countries offering visa lottery ,full list.

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Many African countries have been beneficiaries of these this program especially Nigeria.

Here is the list of countries offering visa lottery 2018.

Now the main requirement is to be born in a country eligible for this lottery.

1. Burkina Faso ; in Burkina faso , you are free to visit the with no visa . you can also stay for how long you want depending on your mission.

2. Benin: you can visit Benin with no visa , but after 3 months duration , you are  expected to provide a visa . failure to do that may lead to your deportation.

3. Barbados: unlike benin, you can stay up to 6 months in Barbados with no visa. But you have to show evidence of sufficient funds in your account and also a return ticket with an e-passport.

4. Cameroon: this country is also included but there time limit is kind of short. You only have 90 days before providing your visa.

5. Chad: we all know chad as small country, but yes you can stay for 3 months in chad without visa but just like Barbados, you have to provide a return ticket.

6. Cape Verde: you only  have to provide a return documents showing that you won't be staying permanent. You can reside here with no Visa.

7. Cote D' ivore: this is among the francophone countries, so one of the requirement is to be able to speak 30% French for communication. Though you can travel if you can't speak french though you won't be staying permanently with no visa.

8. Gambia: this is just another visa free country, but just as others ,you have to produce or present a return ticket and a national passport.

9. Mali ; Mali is another visa free country, provide your return ticket and you are good to go and also the duration of your stay.

10. Liberia: this is another country to visit with no visa. Just provide the documents showing how long you will be staying and then when you will be returning .
Just provide something that will show you aren't staying permanent.

11. Togo :- you don't need to have a visa to be in Togo. It is free!

12. Bangladesh:- is another visa free country with 30 days free permit. You also have to provide that you have enough money that can hold you in the country and also your return ticket.

13. Burundi :- you can stay for 30 days in Burundi without a visa, just as others , you provide your return ticket.!

So in conclusion, there are so many list of countries offering visa lottery but these are the one s you can get in easily with no stress.
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