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The diamond SWAG account helps you to save money no matter how busy you are as a student of any university or polytechnics or even as a corp member.

  Many people must have heard about this diamond account but so many  questions will be on your mind like:

  • What are the benefits of diamond swag account. 

  • Diamond swag account limits.
  • Maximum amount to be deposited. 

  • Diamond future account. 

  • Diamond savings lite account. 
  • Diamond extra savings account.
  • Diamond hida account. 

Now all you just have to do is to open this account and deposit the sum of three thousand naira (N3,000).
   When you open the account , you are entitled with so many benefits from this financial institution such as;

  • Free and secure  monthly account statements to your email. 
  •  access to free online banking. 
  • Trustworthy online and mobile banking at anytime.
  • You just need the sum of N525 to open this Account. 

   You have known all the gains of this account, I know you will be rushing to know the next step.
Don't worry,that's just the feeling,it happened to me years back when I newly got admitted,at least I can save money as a student.
I remember going to school that day and meeting that beautiful girl at the school gate and she introduce me to this real opportunity.
That morning I only had N500 with me for my practical ,lolz, as a sharp guy I no dull o, I went and met my departmental friend and she borrowed me N50 which I used to complete my registration money and to tell you the truth, am so happy that I took that step that day .


So enough story, let's get started!
All you have to do is to keep the following ready;

1. The sum of N525.00 to get your ATM debit card on completion of your Account.

2. A passport photograph of student/corp member or your departmental Id card or NYSC identity card.

Head to any diamond branch near you and meet the customers service. She will issue you a form for the account opening.

Submit the following items;One passport photo of student/corp member, student or departmental id card or NYSC card.

Pay the the minimum of N525.00 for your debit card.
   You are already an owner of an account.
Now you know all the features and advantages, why don't you rush now as a sharp guy also to open your own Diamond swag account.
That's the best to do.
Please share and help someone!

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