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Top job sites in Nigeria

With the increase of unemployment opportunities in our country,I think that it is important that the best job websites in Nigeria are revealed.
These websites have helped millions of Nigerians today to secure a high paying job. Most of these sites, you just have to submit your email or phone number and you are called upon when there is need for that.
Most job websites are meant to scam the Nigerian graduates,that's why we have made this article to enable you differentiate the fake job vacancy websites and the real ones you can find real work online.
Tip job sites in Nigeria

So here are 6 best job sites in Nigeria.


The jobberman website is one of the leading best sites for job search in Nigeria. It is fully designed,well customized, mobile friendly and easy to surf.
It has over one thousand job listing with Little description, emails,contacts and mode of application. It offers job vacancies by location and also by specialization.
Below is the home page of the jobberman website for job seekers.

The first step to use jobberman website is to first sign up. You can sign up ...... Or read about the website fully at

 2. Hot Nigerian Jobs
( is a nice job recruitment site where you can even get a a job in Nigeria without a certificate. This website has been in Nigeria for many years and has helped work seekers a lot. It has listing of different jobs on its site including jobs in Nigeria for electricians,oil and gas,jobs with NYSC certificate.
It has various search buttons on its homepage like searching work for fresh graduates,company or type of job,it lists different companies vacancies and the number of position available if there is need for that.

( is the most friendly job sites in Nigeria. It categorized all jobs according to states,field industry,educational qualifications,years of experience and a subscription email.
You don't need the stress of signing up to access this website,all you have to do is to select the state you want to work,you educational degrees and others,Boom! .it gives you the list of work according to your preference. It is among the top job sites Nigeria. Myjobmag ranks 25,708 globally and is at the number 127 in Nigeria.
    The above image is the home page of,you can't wait to surf this site. Here is the link.,....

4. Ngcareers

This trusted site for job vacancies if Nigeria is also good as gives opportunities for job tips for work is mobile friendly and ranks 134 in Nigeria.
Before you access this site,you have to register to have a proper and full surfing. It lists jobs by industry,location,field and job title.


Tops employment sites in naija

This is a respected top job recruitment site in Nigeria ranking at 408. This sites is always updated with new job opportunities. It has a social Facebook page for interaction between job seekers. It calls for notifications notice once you are on the has room for both graduate and non graduate jobs in Nigeria.check below for full details,sign up here..

6. Naijahotjobs

Sites for job recruitment

This hot site for job search in Nigeria ranks at 69 in Nigeria. It is a forum where both employed, unemployed and employers comes to interact and share ideas. It lists both government jobs and private investors job adverts. sends SMS job alerts to subscribers and has a friendly mobile version and a PC version.

   So the question of top job sites in Nigeria has been answered today in this post.

Or is it job opportunities that brought you here,I think I have been able to help.
The good news is that you are ready to get that dream job. Enjoy!

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