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Now that I forgot my diamond bank account number,how do I check it?

Just recently  I forgot my diamond bank account number, I don't have a choice than to start looking for a means to get it back.
I thank my stars that I was able to recover it, though the steps where simple but it was little bit hard for me to find these working steps.

How to check diamond bank account number

The most cheerful part of this is that you don't have to be in bank to recover the lost account number. I know many things will be running through your mind now like:

Code to check diamond bank account number.?

How can I get my diamond account number?

How to know your diamond bank account number?

I forgot my diamond bank account,how to check.?

You have arrived to the solution,  today you will learn how to to do it from your home:

Without internet connection

With small mobile phone.

One can easily forget their account number, like in my own case I forgot due to the fact that it has been long I used the account for transaction. I mean it has been long someone transferred money to the account lolz!
 Most people can forget for same reason or many natural reason.
Anyway after reading this post, you can now forget your account number as much as you want, because there will be simple step available to recover it after all.
      OK, enough of long story let's get to the main business of the day. The real question is actually:

Now that I forgot my diamond bank account number, How do I check it? 

We aren't going to be playing around, allow me to take you by the hand and show you the easiest way to check it like counting ABC.


Using your phone with diamond bank ussd code.

Now you should know that for this method to work, there is no need for internet connection, and secondly the phone number you are to use is the one that you use in opening your diamond bank account.
     Now just dial *937*amount # and your account details will appear on the screen immediately.
  Copy the number quickly and cancel the transfer, don't proceed with the transfer as it is just a trick to retrieve you diamondbank account number.

Use of Facebook and Twitter: 

Most the the young people  will find this one lucrative so all you have to do is to login to your Facebook or twitter account, search for diamondbank Twitter handle or Fb page.
 Let them know that you have lost your account number,they will demand for your phone number used in opening the account and your full name.
   That's it,you are through with it,they will just send you a reply with your account number immediately.

Visit the nearest branch. 

In this method, you have to make a locomotive display lol!
All you have to do is to go to the nearest branch and meet the customer  service desk.
This method is a little bit stressful, so I suggest you follow the two method above.
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But Meanwhile i believe that there are so many things that should also be taken into consideration at a time like this.

I know you will never ask ,now that I forgot my diamond bank account number,how do I check it.
Even if you just open a new account you can use these methods to check your diamond account number.
Enjoy and share!!

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