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How to get soft hands.the working tricks

In this tutorial,we are going to be covering all the full working tricks.After reading this tutorial,thank your stars,you won't  be  asking the below question anymore.

How to get soft hands?which method works.

I will be showing you this working tricks that works miracles. So let's get it begin.
I know many things will be running through your mind now,but hey i know it...
How to get soft hands with Vaseline

How to make your hands soft permanently
How to get rid of rough hands
How to make hands soft and fair
How to make your hands soft with Vaseline

How to get soft hands

But hey buddy!, don't worry,this article got you covered.
I know the feeling you get when someone wants a handshake and Your heart starts beating so fast cos you know your hand aren't good enough or smooth. Many people got the rough hands as a result of nature or the nature of they work they do. That's not their fault anyway. I have witness this a lot,especially the case someone Shake's me with a rough hand. I always turn to look at them the second time, I will be wondering if they are from this planet.this scenario is always worst in female. Female are suppose to have smooth and fair hands. Like I said before that you should be grateful and count yourself lucky for coming across this post. So here are the working steps in getting soft hands.


please note that the advice is warm water and not hot. This is because hot water dries out your hand. So the tip is to boil the water for 2 minutes,pour it in a bowl and add a little quantity of salt to the water and you are through with the first step.


 Here is the real secret and working trick in getting a soft and smooth skin. olive oil works perfectly well when mixed with sugar. Now all  you have to do is to mix olive oil with  sugar and rub in your hands. Do this easily to avoid the sugar granites wounding or scratching your hands or skin. After about five minutes, you are free to wash it out.


The coco butter cream helps to lubricate your palm while the almond oil helps to cleanse dark spots and ageing lines in your and skin.if you find it difficulty in getting coco butter can still get cream that has the content of coco butter in them as it can still serve same purpose.mix the coco butter shear  with the almond oil and rub on your hands.allow it to last for 30 minutes and then wash away easily. You are ready in getting smooth hands.


Coconut oil has been the natural way of how to get soft hands.this oil is very powerful just that it takes some weeks before it works effectively. It is always available and reduces high cost.

In conclusion, I believe that this has worked for you on how to get soft hands. If you have any other tricks,you can also lay them down in the comment box below👇

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