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17 Working Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

                         How to make your girlfriend happy

You  know many years back I also thought that girls are kind of complicated beings. But when I came to realize that you just have to  apply some simple techniques  and you are man of  the march. Today I will be giving you 17 working tips to make your girlfriend happy.
Girls generally love to be treated special and care but most time boys don’t really take this fact serious that’s why we have many broken relationship.
So lets  mount the horse,
how to make your girl friend happy
17 tips to make your girlfriend happy

Give Her A Hug
Giving her a hug will always make her want you, the most effective hug you can give her is  the back hug. You know you don’t need to buy this hug. Always  give  her hug and a kiss at the forehead,it reminds here how special you take her for.

Never Ignore Her
Whenever she  is with you,give her full attention,watch boring movies with her as far as she love them. Always make her feel like she is the only person you want to be with at all time.Never allow other things to take your attention when you are with her. dont be with her and be chatting on social media with another person.

Surprise Her With Love Messages
You can surprise her with written text,either by sending her through mobile  or giving her written text. Just a few words put down in written format has already done the big magic. Don’t wait till you have money to buy printed ones, you might never do it.

Surprise Her With Flowers
This trick has been working   from time in memorial,but young people of nowadays sees it as old trick and they leave it behind.this trick is still working and trust me 86% of succesfull relationship use this trick. You can pick few beautiful flowers from a garden if you dont have the money   to buy expensive flowers.

Buy Her Gifts
Don’t only buy her  Gifts on her occasion days only but don’t  also for get to by her gift on her birthdays and other occasion. You can buy her gift cards with love inscriptions. Something dear to her that she wont forget easily. You can  also surprise her with eatables when she least expect it from you.

Always Call Her
Most guys don’t know how make call to their loved ones,they just do they call like they are calling their prents,lol,but thats the reality. When you call your lover,try to sweet talk her,this makes your girlfriend happy.tell her that you have  been thinking of her that you just want to here her voice.try sweet talking her she will be happy.

Always Make Her Feel Secure
Always make you girl to feel protected whenever she is with you. girls love you more when they finds out you can protect them. this doesn’t  mean you should hire security to walk with you. she trust you more and depends on you nearly if not everything

Make Her Promises And Keep Them
Make sure each  time you  make her promise no matter how small they are,try keeping them. it makes her to trust you more,and it makes you man of your word.

Compliment Her
We all know girls love compliments,always tell her how beautiful she looks,that even if she is a twin that you will still choose her.if she wear nice dress,tell her how beautiful she looks in her dress. That she is a princess in the new dress.

Communicate With Her
Try to be in contact with her,once you stop communicating with her,things might go wrong. lack of communication has broken so many relationship.if you want your relationship to last, always communicate with her, that’s the only way she can express her feelings with you,share her problems with you when she is  worried.

Involve Her In Your Life
Always discuss your problem with her,look into her opinions .most times they have the best opinion to offer.not only that,take her to watch movie with you and your friends,go to picnic with her and watch movies with her.she will take your relationship  serious because you take her serious.

Try Making Her Laugh
In this case most guys will say,that they are not funny.hey bro, there is no magic in it,tell her your childhood stories that are funny, at least you would have heard two or more stories on social media that are funny. Tell her those stories that made you laugh,that the secret, you are that funny guy, kudos!

Hold Her Hand
Whenever you are with her,try to hold her hands whether you are outdoor or in  a couche,is a point of makes her feel connected,caress her palms. girls love their guys to do them that.

Ask About Her Day
Always ask her about her day,I mean after she is back from work or whatever,she might have a rough day and don’t have anyone to talk to. with these method,you will aways know when she had a bad day,and these will make you not only her boyfriend but also her bestfriend. Keep it real,she needs someone to be there for her all the time, common,why don’t you be that person. Trust me you will never regret.

Get To Glind With Her Friends
Once you have establish a friendship between you and her friends, forget it, you have killed it. most of the decisions she takes sometimes are the opinion of her friends,if you have a relationship among her friends and yourself, when they want to make any decision towards you, they will also have in mind that you are their friends, But please don’t cross the level of friendship you have with her friends, like asking them secret questions about her,if she finds out about it,she might never trust you again depending on what she have in mind.Dont visit her female friends if she is not away of it.

Tell Her “You Love Her”
Always tell her you love almost on every occasion,hey don’t just say that with a mean face and when you say it always mean it. words are very powerful and works magic to the mind. Always  remind her how you feel for her.

Let People  Know You Dating Her
When you are with her in public, always do something that will make people know she is your girlfriend,.hold her hands in public,kiss her if there is need for that.

Conclusion,like I  told you that women just need only simple tips applied the right way to make them happy.Here are 17 working tips to make your girlfriend happy.
Enjoy!and pls share

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