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Problems of Nigeria Education

problems of education
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In this generation, many people especially the Nigerian youths has filled their mind that the nigrian school or education system is scam. I think the  Nigeria education problems be  should given maximum attention befoe it captures the mind of  growing youths.
But I believe that citizens don’t just make noise or say anything without it happening, I think we should look at various events which changed the mind of these growing youths.

problems of nigeria schools
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 HIGH COST OF FEES: The cost of school fees in Nigeria has gotten to the point that education is now meant only for the rich  in the country.I can remember not too long when a woman who went to register her three children was asked to pay   the sum of 8,000 naira for nursery kids. the woman went home without registering these children,it was later in second term that her children were enrolled. These days nothing is free even in the so-called government schools. You are asked to pay  for P.T.A levy, handwork fees, etc and when you fail to pay for theses levies, be sure to fail or be driven home. Now the most scary part of it all is that they don’t care if  the parents have the money or not.

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   Lets now take it up to the higher institution we have in our country. according to research my team have done, students in most of the institutions we have in our country pay up to 3.4million naira before they graduate. Most parents send their ward to school with their life saving so they can take care of them when they are old. Buh does it really work like that? Lets find out!

LACK OF JOBS: With the rate of joblessness in the country, in the coming years youths will be dragged to school since Nigeria school system no longer delivers the job it promise.

Lets look at the situation where someone spends up to 3 million naira to send his kids to school,  and after school they come back and still rely on you  for their needs. In my own opinion is better  I use that amount of money to start up a business that will sustain him the whole of his life. I mean why would someone spend all that kind of money in school and still be dependent on his parents. That’s crazy if I must say,I think Nigeria students should start looking at another savior apart from the promised job. I think we are born to do more than GO TO SCHOOL ,GET HIGHER GRADES,FIND GOOD PAYING JOB,PAY BILLS AND DIE.
Now the likes of phyno, olamide and davido make a good living from rhymes and languages we don’t even understand and people who have certificate are wandering in the streets and even working  for them.
One of my friend who studied chemical engineering and have good grade always tell me from the experiences he has gathered that there are so many work in Nigeria today just that the vacancies  are been reserverd for the politicians relatives who are said to have long legs, lolz, is really funny anyway.


  • INDEPENDENT OF SCHOOLSOne of the set back that these schools are experiencing is as a result of the interference of politicians in the education system. A situation where politicians promise free education and less fess, this will only apply when the politician is in power or when he or she is in office, once he leaves office, everything scatters thereby drawing the school backward since the management of such school will try to recover everything he thought he loss by Imposing heavy dues on students. I think they should leave school proprietor to manage school activities with their own power and knowledge.

  • INCREASE IN SALARY OF WORKERS:  it has been a tradition in the nigerian education system,am not talking of anything else than STRIKE. the rate at  which workers [tutorial and non-tutorial] especially in higher  institutions go for strike is alarming. I can remember what happened recently in my school where exam was paused by strike, staffs lamenting that they haven’t been paid for 8months.

Who will continue to work if such amount is owed to him, At this point I think i have to let you know that strike is one of the major problem of Nigeria educational system. Ok if the salary of these workers are not increased, why not give them steady payment since a wise saying says that slow and steady wins the race.
Teachers should be encouraged with incentives and salary increasement. But unfortunately is no longer like that since most of the high class citizens and leaders don’t  have their children in any of the Nigerian school. All their wards are schooling abroad, so bro what do you expect.

  • DEVELOPMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURES IN SCHOOLS:  most of the buildings in Nigerian school are nothing to write home about though students pay huge amount of money thereby making learning uncomfortable for people. Government should strive to provide basic social amenities  in school rather than involving themselves in the other way.

  • PROVISION   OF WELL EQUIPED LAB. FOR SCHOOLS: you cant compare the laboratory standard of abroad with our own here but  at least school managers should strive to provide most of these things.
They ones they cant afford should be provided by goverment to make sure that our children are given education at its best.

  • PROVISION OF QUALIFIED TEACHERS: Nowadays the nigeria school are filled up with half baked teachers who have nothing to offer. They are just there because there is no work in nigeria not just for passion.

I think the teachers in  schools should be well screened and the  bad eggs should be purged out.
         In conclusion, the problems of the Nigeria education can  only be handled and solved with sincerity from top educational ministers in the nation. The schools should be funded to meet international standards.
Secondly teachers should be encouraged in a way that they will put their  best and cook a done graduates. these problems are man made and like the saying that we cant solve these problems on the same level of thinking we were when we created them. I think the annual budget of education should increase heavily if we are to move forward.
Please I will appreciate if  you can drop your own possible solutions and some problems you faced.

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