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Nokia  HR  steel ,a brand  new fitness tracker released   by  the Nokia  company.
It is a fitness tracker which can keep count  on your daily  activities, the HR STEEL  monitors  your  heart  rate to let you know how well you are doing. With the way it was design, you will hardly find out that it is  a tracker.
The interface  color is black or white,small in size and slim. It has a crown-like button on the right hand side.

nokia hr steel review
nokia hr steel


The battery life of these HR STEEL can last up to 25 days when in normal use, now the battery can also last for 5 days when in active use, check this out, this  watch can also last  for 45 days  when only time and tracking are put to use. it also charge quickly.

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The  screen of this giant device is made of OLED and can display list of missed calls, incoming calls,calendar scroller, people who sends you  text,text shown on its screen are easy and bright to read.
The dial button can display numerous data like battery,date and time,distance travelled,calories burned and alarm. these list of  data can be sorted using the watch companion app.

This app can work on both IOS and ANDROID system. The main work of this app is   for setting up the NOKIA HR STEEL. After succesfully setting  up, the app now turn to main control switch and shows all your  activities in its dashboard. You can scroll down  to see your recent activities and present ones ranging  from sleep, distance, heart rate and calories burned.

You have been waiting to here about these,ok  lemme shock you,these device can actually track 36 of your daily activities. It has manual and automatic activity tracking. The automatic tracking cant  be switched off  but the activities recorded can be deleted since it sometimes says super active when is  you aren’t doing  anything.

The Nokia HR STEEL automatic  sleep tracker tells the duration of  your sleep,it also informs you of the sleeping stages you went through like light sleep,deep sleep is also impotant to note that it also tracks your heart sleep when you are in sleep.
The sleep tracking part also gives you tips on how to  get better sleep. The health app which comes with the watch sends you email weekly showing your rate in activities in that week.
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It gives you  a kind of timetable in days or weeks to follow  to improve your health status. It gives you a sleeping schedule to improve your health. This feature  is  free just that most of them sometimes  require another device to function well. It also have the pregnancy tracker,heart health improver.
It is also embedded with some fitness tracker like FITBIT,MYFITNESSPAL,RUNKEEPER etc all trying to keep you up to date.

Water resistance
Long lasting battery and easy to  charge
App compatible for both android and ios
Perfect heart  rate monitor

Much costly
No audio control
Lacks most fitness main make-up.

This HR STEEL tracker is formally for people who don’t like other big trackers, you can wear this watch and no  one will know is a tracker due to its stylish design and  a long duration battery,and also its heart rate featre is really amazing. The activity tracking feature provides a wide range of activity compared to other tracking devices.
If  you are looking for a device that can accompany you in  road walk,jogging  and while you sleep,the Nokia hr steel is recommended.
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