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10 problems of Nigeria Football


In todays  sports updates, we will be looking at the problems of Nigeria football and possible solutions to most of these problems,
I have heard  many times from different people that the Nigerian national team does not have any problem, anyway I look at these people as people who don’t know the underground game. But am going to give them this information for free.
Lets  kickoff,

problems of nigeria football team and solutions


Many people thought that  the problem of  Nigerian team is from lack of quality players,Super eagles have been accused several times of half baked players. I believed in that but not too long anyway, But today am here to open your eyes to the reality.

  1. The problem is from the managers of these team,I know you might be surprise about these but that’s the truth,the managers and administrators of the team are swindling in pride leaving the main and important work behind. Most times they make decision on the field of play and you think if these people are really with their number six.
  • Lets  take a look at some events which threw the team off-balance,I can remember vividly the super eagles loss against Egypt which took place several years back, Ihenacho and Moses where on bench while ighalo was allowed to strike, something we all know he cant do  himself. The NFF have a great look-down on our local coaches,Even when these coaches makes important decisions that can take the team high,they NFF tends to override these decisions. These issue of NFF interference has chased away some foreign coaches. Inability of the administrators to think out working strategy will continue hindering the football team

At this point I have to let you know that we have the talents we need to take us to the promise land, only if they are giving the opportunity.

2. Another problem of the Nigeria football team is the interference  of the federal government in issues which they know nothing about. We all know that in this country that  a photographer can be appointed to be the chairman of engineering board, that’s what has been brought into the football aspect and is really  dragging us down. In  the past years,most football teams in Nigeria has selected  people who don’t have backgroud  in sports as minister of sports in various part of the country.In  essence  what am saying is that Nigerian football isn’t something that should be mixed with politics. The FIFA regulation says that there shouldn’t be any intereference of thirdparty in any football club,but this rule dont seem to apply again. A  situation where all the officials are been appointed by the government,how do you expect the team to move forward.

3.CORRUPTION  has been the order of day in our country,it has eat its way into the national team. most of the money meant for the team up keep are been embezzled by  top officials
Now  the schocking part of the government involvement In this case  is that they are  only interested on what they will gain, they are now giving instructions how they money meant for sport should be spent,  now when you have people who only have interest on what they will gain from the team and don’t care the progress of the team what do you expect. 

4.TRIBALISM  is another  key role in the problems of nigeria football, sometimes the qualified  players are been left behind just because the minister in power wants his people to be the key players.i have seen these several times in states teams. Just  because  of  tribalism we have loose many untapped talents in the Nigeria national team.

5. LACK  OF WELL EQUIPPED HOSPITALS:  Most powerful and talented players are sometimes afraid to play hard in the team because if the mistakenly got injuries,the cost of their treatment in abroad is much high since Nigeria don’t have such equipped hospitals to treat them.

6. LACK  OF  FINANCIAL SUPPORT: you will agree with me that in this country, a player(Mikel)  was forced out of pity to sponsor the team to travel and contest for match. Now  if this can happen in the super eagles, what of other state clubs in the country, it is a thing of shame that the Nigerian government sometimes overlook the football session of the country.

7. UNQUALLIFIED REFEREES AND COACHES  the federation should look at the aspect of their referees,most of these referees don’t have something upstairs to teach.Most of them didn’t undergo proper training before assuming their office. They are just their because someone they know have the power to put them in that position.

8. BRIBERY:  Altmost all the national teams are filled with bribery mindset, from the local sports team to the national level. Top official of the team now collect bribe to take players to higher level why the ones who deserves it are left in the village. just take a tour to the village team and see for yourself, talents that needs support but are left behind.

9. PRIDE: The pride of some players has cause a great set-back to the national team. Lets take a look in what happen between osaze  and the former team coach, He was given a time he would come back for a match but because  he fills that he Is a big player, he came back at his own time which led to a serious problem between him and the coach.

10. I know that you also have a problem you think is worth sharing and possible solutions,pleasekindly share it HERE


  • One vital solution to these  problems is the Nigeria football team been independent,by that I mean the withdrawal of  Nigerian government from football team,making decisions and directing them or mounting pressure on the officials.
When these people are not allow to put in what they learn and experienced of, then the  system goes down. I would also like to remind you that the rule on number seventeen of the FIFA  article should be taking strictly to make sure that the Nigerian football team is independent and not been drag around by the federal government  and the self -centered politicians.  And then people who should be appointed as ministers of  sports should be people who have experienced background in sports.

  • Investment  on players should be the sole aim of the  team. I believe that Nigeria have  players with talents,if you look at them you still see some undeveloped skills  which must be forced out when  these  players are taken abroad and they are trained to world standard, what are we not saying again!.
Now  it should be noted that these investments on players shouldn’t be made only on experienced  or active players, Nigeria can take the likes of their competitors like china,taking  children of 10 years to 13 years and turning them to stars, helping them go school . Isn’t that an amazing investment which should be keyed into?
They  can sought out for foreign coaches, bring them to Nigeria to teach our upcoming footballers because when the likes of mikel and moses are no in the game, as a wise country, we don’t expect these country football game to go extinct. NO!, NOT  IN OUR GENERATION
  • Looking at the expose of players, these players are not just players or machines, they are human beings like us with vision and feelings, I think their opinions should be taken into consideration after all they are the ones in the field of play. When officials who doesn’t  go out in the field make a decision that doesn’t suit the players ,you will find out that these players will go out in the field and fumble and loose the match.  I think most of these players should be involve in the body making decisions so as to make decisions that are favourable both to the board and to the Nigerian football team. If this is apply, the team will be happy likewise the board and this will prompt them to put in their best.These players are human beings with feelings,when you just make decision and expect them to follow up ,I think they will go up in the field and make their own decisions.
  • Putting a body that check the social vices like corruption, tribalism, and bribery in the national team and giving those caught with deserved punishment and fine, this will put a stop to these vices,

In Conclusion, the problems of the Nigerian football can be solved with the provided solutions,If the federation can take the players into consideration before making decisions, politicians withdrawing themselves from the decisions of the football team, making proper investments on upcoming players. If tribalism, corruption and bribery are removed from the national team,I thought think nothing will hold us back.

Do you have any other take or suggestions of some of the problems and their possible  solutions, please feel free to drop them in the comment section.


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  2. Wow i can say that this is another great article as expected of this blog.Bookmarked this site.. Arsenal

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