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How to activate Airtel night plan[Quickly]

In this post, we take a gander at the Airtel night plan, how to buy in and their advantages. These plan offer rewards to information 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50 and additionally bring down call rate inside the legitimacy time frames.
Airtel night plan

The previous Airtel hourly based Night plan used to be a standout amongst other information plans appreciated by numerous particularly for boundless download

Numerous individuals deserted the Airtel extravagant night information package and changed over to MTN modest Night bundle since MTN presented the night plan of 500MB for just N25.

Airtel saw this sudden switch-over of information and they reintroduced another new information package set up of the past one. Following the treads of MTN night bundles, Airtel propelled yet one more Night plan that offers their endorsers 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50.

In this article, we will clarify the accompanying points:

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step by step instructions to restore airtel night plan

and that's only the tip of the iceberg… With the new Airtel night plan, Airtel presents 1GB information plan for N500 with one week legitimacy. You can consider buying in to the Airtel's free 15MB for 7 days with N200 energize and 200MB information for N200 that runs with 30Mins Airtel calls end of the week offer.

Before you can utilize any of the previously mentioned Airtel information plans, you have to first buy in to SmartTRYBE by dialing this USSD code *312# and answering with 1.

Step by step instructions to Subscribe to Airtel night plan 500MB for N25, 1.5GB for N50, and 1GB for N500

Like I said before, just dial *312# and answer with 1 to relocate to Airtel SmartTRYBE; and afterward for 1GB Airtel information which costs N500, answer with 2 and it is substantial for 7 days.

For 500MB Airtel night plan information which costs N25 and 1.5GB Airtel night plan information which costs N50, answer with 3. The length of the Night Plan is from 12am to 5am.

Airtel now offers 1.5GB information for N200 for the night plan; and for 200MB Airtel information at a cost of N200 in addition to 30Min call, answer with 4. It is an end of the week plan from Saturday to Sunday.
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One advantage that the Airtel Night information plan has is that you can buy in to the greatest number of times as you can in one night, dissimilar to that of MTN that you are constrained to just a single membership for each night.

Airtel night plan is superior to the MTN Night Plan of 500MB for just N25, on the grounds that with MTN night plan each SIM card is qualified for a one-time enactment per night.However, Airtel night plan can be restored if depleted, implying that you can buy in again subsequent to debilitating the underlying 1.5GB. You can likewise utilize 3GB for N100 in only one night.

The most effective method to Check Airtel Data Balance

We need to talk about how to check information adjust on all Airtel Data Plans. Airtel Nigeria is extraordinary compared to other media communications that Nigeria has, with a major client base and wide system association.

As per the past insights by the NCC, Airtel as of now has the third biggest number of portable web clients in Nigeria, following MTN and Glo.

There has been a steady increment in the quantity of web endorsers that Airtel Nigeria harbors each month, and this can be colossally credited to their shoddy 2G Data memberships at reasonable costs which is accessible for different gadgets.

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Checking Your Airtel Data Balance

There are numerous ways you can check your Airtel information adjust which we will list in this article. You can pick the most appropriate and simple one that you can retain inside a brief timeframe.

Coordinate USSD Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This USSD Code works on all Airtel information plan bundles including on Android aside from BlackBerry membership plans.

What you have to do is to fundamentally dial:*141*11*0#, *123*10# or *141*712*0# and you will see your information adjust showed without a moment's delay.

Coordinate SMS Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This SMS Code works on all Airtel information plan bundles with the exception of BlackBerry memberships. It works even on Android.

To see your information adjust, simply send: "Status" to 141. It would be ideal if you ensure you expel the statements when sending.

Coordinate USSD Code for BlackBerry Plans

In the event that you utilize a BlackBerry telephone or one of Airtel's BlackBerry bundles that capacities on all gadgets, you can't check your information adjust utilizing any of the above technique. There is an extraordinary USSD Code for clients of BlackBerry.

A straightforward dialing of *123*9# will cause your BlackBerry information adjust to seem acceptable before your face promptly.

Coordinate SMS Code for BlackBerry Plans

On the off chance that you utilize BlackBerry telephone or any of Airtel's BlackBerry bundles that capacities on all gadgets and you need to see your information adjust by means of SMS, you should utilize a specific SMS information adjust code extraordinarily intended for BlackBerry plans.All you have to do is send: "Status" to 440 (evacuate the statements when sending) and your BlackBerry information adjust will be sent through SMS to you on the double.

Airtel's SmartSpeedo USSD Code

This procedure is somewhat mind boggling however easy to remember and explore. You have to dial *141# to open the SmartSpeedo USSD menu. To get the "check information adjust" alternative, you need to press * and afterward press SEND.

After the "Check information adjust" has showed up on the new page, squeeze 7 and press SEND to choose "Check information balance".A warning will show up on your screen expressing that your information adjust will be sent to you through SMS, and inside a matter of seconds you will get your information adjust.

This technique works deliberately for typical information adjust, BlackBerry information adjust and extra information adjust.


The Airtel Night Plan appear to be the best information plans you can get by and by and I trust you have become all the data you require from this post.

Go on and appreciate these super-rich information plans and how to check your information adjust.

In any case, in the event that you think there is a superior codes to these plans, don't hesitate to impart to us underneath utilizing the remark box.

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